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Shawn Morgan on Winter Wonderland (5.7)An unbelievable concentration of routes within a short (20 minute) drive of downtown Thunder Bay. There is a great range of routes from 5.4 to 5.12 and everything in between. Many of the best are in the 5.8 to 5.10 range. In addition, numerous moderate to hard trad opportunities beckon those with an affinity for cracks. Classics include Positively 4th Street (5.9), Record Body Count (5.10a), the powerful Black Stallion Arete (5.10d), and the famous Nasty Girls (5.11a). For your first sport lead, try Winter Wonderland (5.7). Remember, most of the crag is on private land, so tread lightly and do more than your part to keep the crag clean!
Though the Harbour is primarily known for its sport climbing, there is as much or more good trad climbing, with several test pieces...many are a bit of a sandbag. Crack climbers will enjoy the short but sweet Dedi Did It (5.8) and Greco (5.9++), or the challenging Silver Harbour Dreamline (5.11+).


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