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ACC Membership - BY PHONE

 403 678-3200 Ext 0  If you have had trouble getting your ACC membership online, you can call the national office at this number and do it by phone. Have your credit card ready. 



 Link to the new waiver - members can print out and prep the waiver prior to meeting for an event. Info: Frank



Please contact me if you have any problems with your membership, the events schedule, or have suggestions for events you'd like to see on our fall/early winter calendar.

Frank Pianka, ACC Thunder Bay Setion rep,  E:  H: 807 577-7950, C: 807 627-2933


Silver Harbour Climbing

 The Silver Harbour Climb/Lead Clinic scheduled for Sunday, June 29 is cancelled due to rain. Info:  577-7950



 Our new waiver is now available online. You can now read, print out, and prep your waiver before attending any of our events.

Info: Frank 


Women's Rock Date Change

 Please note the date change for Women's Rock Climbing from June 21 to June 14 and be sure you are signed up for that date.


Tuesday Night Climbing Starts!

 Finally! Tuesday night open climbing at the Scenic Bluffs will start tomorrow, May 27. Meet in the parking lot at about 5 pm. As soon as enough people show up to help carry gear, we'll head in to set up TRs, so if you're late, no problem - just walk the trail North past the boluders and you can't miss us. Be sure to sign the waiver as soon as you arrive!  See you there!



 ATTENTION! - Tuesday night open climbing at the Scenic Bluffs WILL NOT START UNTIL IT IS DRY ENOUGH.  A NOTICE of  when we expect to start will be posted here and sent to all members.


Festiv'Ice Postponed

 Due to the imminent winter storm, Festiv'Ice, originally scheduled for Saturday, February 22, has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 8. Please sign up for it again if you plan to attend. Sorry/Thanks:   Frank


ATTENTION! Re: Kama Bay Parking

 There are approx. 18 loads of wood being hauled out per day and the trucks NEED to use the squeezers before they hit the hwy so when parking to access Powerline Falls please do not impede access to the log squeezers.


FWFN Access Update

A quick update on ACC's efforts to re-open access on FWFN land for climbers:

Frank Pianka and Terry Prodanyk have had meetings and numerous communications with key individuals at the FWFN to address the "No Trespassing" signs which were posted in the fall. These communications have been positive and we (ACC Thunder Bay Section) are anticipating a formal letter, soon, outlining the current Band Council's position regarding ALL climbers accessing their private and sacred property.

The ACC has run a small number of ice climbing events on FWFN land since late December with special permission from the Council. Until an official letter covering ALL climbers is issued, it is strongly recommended to respect the "No Trespassing" signs to avoid jeopardizing ongoing efforts.

Climb On!
ACC Thunder Bay Section



No climbing on Fort William First Nations Land.

Until further notice we ask you to respect the wishes of Fort William First Nations and do not trespass. We are working to resolve this issue and will notify as per those discussions.



All Done

 I have finally got all the bugs, that I have found, worked out and the new look is now on-line. I hope you enjoy my many hours of design and programming. I'm not perfect so there may still be a bug or two lurking around the site. If you find anything not quite right please bring it to my attention so I can get it resolved.

There will be updated content in the weeks to come.

Stay tuned.



Wait For It...

 This site is going to go down shortly. For how long, I don't know. It could be minutes, hours, but I hope not days. After many many hours of design and development, the ACCTBay will have a new face.

Check back often...




BMFF tickets now on sale!

Tickets for the Banff MountainFilm Festival World Tour, scheduled for Sunday, January 26, 2014, are now available from the TBCA box office. Get your fave seats NOW, and remember, tickets make a great Christmas gift! Info: Frank,


2013/14 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour (Canada/USA)


Rock Season Ends. C'mon ice!

 With the cold and wet of late October upon us, we have decided that it's the end-of-the-rock-season for us. Claghorn, Spooktacular and Tuesday nights are done. Notice will be sent out of any developments during the turn-around month of November (don't forget the Reel Rock festival on November 23 - tickets from the Wilderness Supply Store - and tickets for the Banff Mountain Film Festival should be available from the TBCA box office by November 1st). If you have anything you'd like to see on the winter schedule, please get that to me asap. Notice will be sent out when the winter schedule is posted - watch for the beginner ice clinics and sign up early for those!! Thanks, Frank.   577-7950.  


Tech Time #3 Cancelled

 Tech Time #3 scheduled for Wednesday, October 9th is cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. We may try to reschedule a session with a similar focus during the "shoulder season." Info: Nick Buda -  nick.buda AT gmail DOT com


Rocktoberfest Cancelled.

 Rocktoberfest, scheduled for tomorrow, October 6th,  is cancelled due to the weather but we hope to make up for it at a futue event. Frank.


Silver Harbour Parking

RE: Parking at Silver Harbour . . . There has been a request, directed to climbers, from the Michelson Road property owners that people not park on the PRIVATE (as the sign indicates) road to access the crag at Silver Harbour. Why this reminder today? Cuz there were two grey cars - a Hyundai and a Honda parked there today. Thanks for being part of the solution and not part of the problem.


Open Climbing Tonight (September 10) Postponed

Due to the weather, resumption of Tuesday evening open climbing at the Bluffs will have to wait another week, BUT, there are a few things on the schedule to remember . . .  ACC Tech Time - Intermediate,  this Thursday . . .  Beginners' Rock - Open to all, this Saturday . . . and Lost Falls Rock Climb - Intermediate, this Sunday.  Be sure to sign up if you plan to attend so you can be contacted with staging details and try to have a completed waiver ready to hand in when we meet for each event.

Info: Frank:   577-7950

NOTE ALSO: The date change on the schedule for Rocktoberfest from Saturday, October 5th to Sunday October 6th.


Tuesday Evening Open Climbing Resumes

 Tuesday evening open climbing with the club will resume Tuesday, September 10. As a reminder, this weekly activity is the perfect opportunity to get started if you’re new to climbing or to work on specific skills you want to develop – anchors, rappelling, belaying, etc.  We have all the gear (except for footwear), experienced volunteer leaders to look after things, and all this is free, but you do have to be a member and sign the waiver (available each week if you plan to participate.  Memberships and the waiver (try to bring one you’ve filled out ahead of the event) are available online from the national site, We will meet in the parking lot of the Bluffs at about 4:30 pm and as soon as a few people show up, we’ll hike in to set up TR climbs for the evening, varying our location each week. If you want to learn TR set-ups, try to get their early. Contact Frank if you have any questions – 577-7950 –

Watch for the fall schedule of events soon to be posted on the club calendar!

Sad news . . .

 The ACC lost one of its iconic members recently and many of us are still  stunned by the sad news.  Friend and mentor to countless climbers over many decades . . . 

Peter Aitchison, 71, was considered one of the leaders of the local climbing community. The retired math professor and others from the local chapter of the Alpine Club of Canada — of which Aitchison was vice-president — had reportedly been climbing the south summit of Mount Victoria near Lake Louise, Alta., when he slipped and fell to his death.

"I don't think anyone knows what to say at this point," Bruce Kirby wrote on a Facebook page. "It'll take some time to realize and I imagine we'll take the family's lead and pay our respects best we can. He is a giant in the local climbing community and I look up to him as so many of us do."

"It's almost unbelievable that this has happened. He was such a lovely person. A wonderful person, teacher, climber," said Kristy Miyanishi, on Facebook. "I feel so rattled and dumbfounded by this event. I've been in tears all night."

Our thoughts are with the family and dear friends Peter left behind. RIP Peter.


Taking A Break

With the uncertainty of section members showing up for Tuesday evening rock climbing at the Bluffs (none this week) and the commitment asked of our leaders to be there, every Tuesday, with the gear, and the judgment to run a fun and safe evening of climbing, for members only, who have all signed waivers . . . . we have decided to give everyone a break for the remainder of July and August. We will resume Tuesday evening climbing at the Bluffs again in September with the start of the school year and have a busy fall schedule of events posted on the club site by then. If you have ideas for something you’d like to see happen in the section, please let me or any of the other club exec members know. Members will be notified of any events that may come up over the summer. Have a safe and fun summer! Frank 577-7950


Trip To Nepal

 The Saskatoon Section is organizing a trek/climb to Nepal for the fall. They have space for a few ACC members outside their Section to join if interested. Details: leave Canada around October 15 (Some are leaving a couple of days earlier), trek starts Oct 17, follows the Manaslu route, eventually joins the Annapurna trail and finishes in Jomsom. There are two 5000+ metre passes to cross and an option to climb Chulu West which is 6000+ metres. For anyone with extra time, at least 2 people are staying on for another 2 weeks. The main group will be back home around November 9th. Some are planning on returning around Nov 27. Cost: flight to Nepal (Expect prices from $1200 to around $1800). The trek costs will be under $2500. There is a trekking/climbing organization in Nepal making arrangements. More info is on the Saskatoon Section website: Anyone interested can contact Dave McCormick, who can put you in touch with the trip organizer.


Argument For Climbing Helmets
Climbing without a helmet and falling might be of no consequence. You might never even touch terra firma with your head. Or you might give yourself arock facelift. You might get a concussion that results in only a bad headache the next day. You might get a serious concussion that lands you in the hospital for endless CAT scans and MRIs, and for the rest of your days be plagued by migraines.
You might fracture your orbital and lose your vision. You might fracture your skull and end up fully functional but with a horrible Frankenstein-like scar and a metal plate that bothers you on cold days and sets off metal detectors in airports. You might have a closed head injury from which you don't awaken from for hours or days or weeks or months- all the while your mother, father, sister, brother, children, workmates, and/or climbing buddies come to visit you, filling an utterly depressing hospital room into a gauche jungle of flowers and bright card saying "get well soon!" that you never see or smell.
Sure, you might awaken completely normal besides the hole drilled in your head to reduce pressure. Or you might awaken a little fuzzy, unsure who these people are. Or you might awaken and have to re-learn everything it took you all your life to learn, eventually returning to normal or even better, like Harrison Ford in "Regarding Henry."
Or you might awaken a man (woman?) - child, drooling and laughing as you try to stack blocks, wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt signed by your mother, father, sister, brother, children, workmates, and/or climbing buddies- which you will never read.
Or you might have an open head injury, from which the "you" you know will most likely never return. The rest of your life -be it a day, a week, a month, a year- will consist of feeding tubes, the endless beep and whoosh of the heart monitor and respirator, and the drip-drip ofIV fluids, catheters in your thingy, and feeding tubes.
Of course, you won't mind all of this, you'll be in a dream land no one knows about. Your body will waste away and atrophy. Eventually, the shell that used to be you would give out, and your loved ones would have to make the most difficult decision of their life.
Or, you might die at the crag, fluffy gray brain matter mixing with blood and cerebro-spinal fluid. Perhaps your last climb would be on a route you’ve done so many times you can do it blindfolded.
Or perhaps it would be while introducing a newbie to your favorite sport. Or you might go out in a blaze of glory on the coveted “first free ascent.”
Whichever way you “exit”, it would make maybe a 10 second news story depending on where you live, maybe a paragraph buried on page 32B of the paper. Climbing without a helmet could be of no matter- or it could mean the difference between going on as you are now, or having life taken away from you as if Fate flipped a switch.
A climbing helmet is just another item in my safety wardrobe, like safety glasses, work gloves, pants or steel-toe boots. I can live without toes or a mangled foot- but I choose to try and prevent that. I can live with a hand that looks like a burn victim's and maybe relearn to write with my other hand- but I choose to try and prevent that. I can live with a scar in the shape of Australia on my leg - but I try and prevent that. I can live with rock rash on my torso and arms- but I try to prevent that. I could live in a wheelchair, agonizing through every day, but I choose to try and prevent that.
I can't live as a man-child. I've already played with blocks. I only drool when I sleep.
We all make choices. Gear can't always save you. All the best safety gear is useless when Fate throws the Immovable Object or the Irresistible Force in your path. But I choose to stack the deck in my favor. If it all ends up for naught and the stacked deck and the cards up my sleeve end up losing to Fate's Royal Flush, so be it.
But I'll try.
-Author unknown-
Thanks to for the general theme of the argument. _Frank Pianka

Peregrine Falcons and Climbers

Click To EnlargeCliff areas around Thunder Bay and Nipigon are home to Peregrine Falcons and have seen a steady increase in their population over the years. Peregrine Falcons are back in the area and nesting on many cliffs around the Thunder Bay and Nipigon areas and can be easily disturbed between now and the end of July as they lay eggs and raise their young. Climbers should avoid climbing in areas where nesting birds may be disturbed. The most sensitive areas for climbers are probably at Squaw Bay near the climb Cedar Haven, where falcons have nested repeatedly year after year, but you may also see or hear them in the Lost Falls area, near Dorion Tower and at Claghorn. If you accidently disturb nesting falcons, they will clearly display their aggitation; you should move out of the area and avoid it for the duration of the nesting season, and advise other climbers to do the same. Details about sensitive areas can be obtained by calling 577-7950 or 628-3293. 


Bluffs Cleanup Rescheduled

  The annual Bluffs cleanup has been rescheduled to Saturday, May 18th due to weather. Please sign up again on the events calendar if you can make it. Frank, 577-7950



 The Spring 2013 issue of the Gazette gives details of the restructuring of the Board of Directors but the bottom line is you have two candidates to choose from for the new positon of "VP of Sections," and your vote must be in by April 10th. Both canditates' platforms and your ballot can be found here:


More Site Issues Resolved

 Once I installed Chrome it became evident to me that there were some more issues that needed to be resolved. Mainly there were problems rendering the content editors.

Those issues appear to be resolved along with some minor formatting issues.



Womens Ice Day Cancelled
Due to low temps the womens ice day scheduled for 2-Feb-2013 is cancelled. If time and mother nature cooperate we may be able to re-schedule this event. Stay tuned for updates. 

Ice Clinic Cancelled
The beginners ice clinic scheduled for Sunday, January 20, has been cancelled due to cold and rescheduled for Sunday, February 10. See the events calendar posting for details. 

Banff Mountain Film Festival - January 27
Tickets for the Banff Mountain Film Fest World Tour are going fast, so don't delay picking your perfect seat at This is THE big night for our section, one you don't want to miss! Info: Frank,, 807 577-7950. 

New Community Maps App
I have been working hard the last year to gather all the information on the Thunder Bay Regional Ice/Mixed Climbs and finally have a good start to the working version.
I have also created an application for everyone who utilized Google Maps or Google Earth to document geographic locations, a way to share their data with the community. New routes, cool hikes, interesting scenery, etc. can all be share via this new application.
There is a new Menu item under Local Climbing called Community Maps. All the info is there plus my map.


Still 3 left!
See the Shout Box, November 1st. 

Be sure to sign up for the annual Rocktoberfest, Saturday, October 13! TR climbing, sport lead coaching and FREE BBQ. 

Reel Rock Film Tour
Wilderness Supply Co. is hosting the 2012 Reel Rock Film Tour on 10-Nov-2012 at the Finlandia Club.
Tickets are only $10.00 and are now available at the store and online. 

ACC NewsNet
Just a reminder - if you haven't subscribed to the ACC NewsNet, you're missing the latest news in climbing! Subscribe here: 

Summer Events
NOTICE #!: Two intermediate level events have been added to the July calendar, so check them out! NOTICE #2: Tuesday night climbing at the Scenic Bluffs will run all summer. 

Access at Silver Harbour Crag
A reminder that parking for Silver Harbour Crag is in the Conservation Area parking lot, as described in the most recent edition of Alex Joseph's guidebook.  The road below the cliffs (Mickelson Drive) is private and should NOT be used for parking at any time.  
The majority of the climbing cliffs actually lie on the easement for this road, which belongs to and is maintained by the Silver Harbour Estates condominium association.  Members of this association have thus far allowed unrestricted climbing on the cliffs.  To ensure ongoing access, all climbers should continue to keep a low profile and be respectful of the private road and nearby residences.  In addition to parking, other considerations include cleaning up garbage, minimizing removal of cliffside trees and avoiding excess noise and profanity.
Please do not give the Condo Association any reason to question climbing at Silver Harbour.  Climbers have enjoyed Silver Harbour for at least 30 years.  Small considerations now will ensure access is not an issue in the future. 

Belayers needed for Camp Quality - July 20
If you can spare a few hours to help out the kids participating in Camp Quality this year, please call Ruth Chapman (475-3786) asap to let her know you're available and to get the details. She needs a few belayers for the climbing wall at the Nor West Outdoor Centre on Mountain Road from about 10 AM to noon on Friday, July 20. The challenges these kids face every day makes any climb seem like a walk in the park. You'll never forget this experience. 

Tuesday Night Open Climbing at the Scenic Bluffs
Tuesday Nights - Open Climbing up to June 26 (Volunteer Leaders Needed if Tuesdays are to continue through the summer) • STARTS TUESDAY, MAY 15• At the Scenic Bluffs, 4:30 to just before dark. Meet in the Bluffs parking lot. • Beginners welcome • Club gear available • Learn basics and anchor set ups • You MUST be a member to participate and have signed the waiver for this season (parent or legal guardian if under 18) Call Frank for info: 577-7950.  

Site Communication Problems ~ RESOLVED
It appears emails are not being sent from the site. Until this issue with the servers has been resolve the only way you can get a hold of us is by phone.

The issue has been resolved.

Thanks for your patience.




January 3, 2012 – Nipigon, ON, CANADA

The Nipigon Ice Fest is back and will be held Friday March 2 to Sunday March 4, 2012 in the township of Nipigon and local ice climbing areas of Orient Bay, Kama Bay, and Paradice. There are events this year for all levels of climbers as well as non-climbers. Festival events include Friday and Saturday night climbing slideshows, gear swap, door prizes and several ice climbing clinics on world-renowned Nipigon area ice. This years’ climbing clinics will be for beginners, intermediate, mixed and women’s intro to ice climbing.


“We are enthusiastic to get the Nipigon Ice Fest back up and running. It’s been a couple of years off and we have been anxious to show off the world-class climbing opportunities in Northwestern Ontario,” says Kyra Bremer, Nipigon Ice Fest coordinator. “There is a group of us that make the pilgrimage up to Nipigon from the Midwest states every winter to experience the high level of climbing here and now it’s time to expose new people to this sport and celebrate the quality of ice climbing here.”

For those interested in participating in a clinic or any of the other events can register online at Climbing gear will be available for rent and there will be climbing gear company representatives on site throughout the festival to show off their goods. A list of area accommodations and restaurants are also listed on the website. For more information on this years’ event visit


For more information:

Kyra Bremer, Nipigon Ice Fest Coordinator


January 8th Clinic Cancelled

If you've been following the ice condition reports the last month or so, you'll see that this is shaping up to be one of the poorest ice seasons ever. The usual venue for beginner clinics has been White Lightning, but if you look at the pictures on the home page, you can appreciate what we're up against. An alternative venue at Orient Bay is still poorly formed and the parking issue along the Orient Bay corridor pretty well eliminates that option, so we have decided to cancel the January 8th clinic. There is a chance we may be able to add another clinic to the schedule later in the season if things improve, so apologies to those of you who are entirely new to the game and just itching to give it a try. Please call me if you have any questions. Frank Pianka 577-7950 PS - Don't forget the Banff Mountain Film Fest at the Community Auditorium - Sunday, January 29th.

Normal Conditions for the first clinic Current Conditions this year.

More Site Issue Resolved
  • Issue with editing items in the gear swap application ~ Resolved.
  • Removing photos from gear swap application ~ Resolved
  • New Routes were not displaying ~ Resolved

National Club Event
Depending on where you are in Canada, winter is always more or less around the corner. What better way to kick off the season than the ACC's national November Ice Camp? We're inviting all members to join Canadian climbing legends and ACMG Alpine Guides Sean Isaac and Sarah Hueniken for 5 full days of ice and mixed climbing in the Canadian Rockies from November 21-25, 2011. These guides will expand the awareness and repertoire of intermediate to experienced ice climbers - exposing them to the opportunities and satisfaction of early-season winter climbing.

For more information visit the Facebook Event, our website or contact our Mountain Adventures Coordinator Chelsea at / 403 678 3200 x 112

Gear Swap Fixed
I have resolved the issue with inability to add new item to the Gear Swap section. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New ACC Section
At the recent board meeting in Canmore, the ACC board of directors unanimously accepted an application from what is now the ACC's newest section, the Yukon Territory Section. With about 70 ACC members already with a Yukon address, the new executive will promote the ACC, and under its banner work to protect access to current climbing areas, champion stewardship of their parks, and campaign to access new wilderness areas. In the executive biographies section of their application, one member's profile starts off, "Jaret first became an Alpine Club of Canada member in 1998 while studying and ice climbing in Thunder Bay Ontario, in the Outdoor Recreation, Parks and Tourism Program at Lakehead University." Jaret Slipp is Thunder Bay's link to the new Yukon Territory Section! Watch for further news about the new section and be sure to welcome them aboard when they have their website up and running. 

Error with Printable Events Resolved
There was an error with the Printable version of the Events Calendar. It has been resolved. I need your help to find and fix all these errors. I had no idea it was broken I just happen to stumble on it while testing something else.

Error with Message Centre Resolved
Sorry, there was an error with the Message Centre. It has been resolved now. If anyone encounters more errors please let me know.

New Routes Bug Fixed
I just noticed there was a bunch of new Rock routes missing from the database. It turns out there was a bug with the display and therefore cut the database read in half. This bug has been resolved. However, It has been brought to my attention that there a few other new Rock routes missing. I have checked and re-checked, these routes are not in the database. I am displaying everything that was added. If you have any new routes, please feel free to add them.


Website Update Complete
The website update is complete you can begin adding content to the site. 

Website Update
This week the website will be down many times as I perform the update. Please limit your contributions to the site for this week so your efforts aren't lost in the shuffle. I will start the update on Tuesday 1-Mar-2011. It shouldn't take too long but I am giving myself a few days to iron out any bugs that will most likely show up. Please limit any bug reports until I have announced I am finished the update. 

Beginners Clinic Cancelled

Due to cold temps we have to cancel the beginners clinic this Sunday. 30-Jan-2011


Shout Box Is Down!
I am currently trying to figure out what is wrong with the database connection with the Shout Box. I'll let you know when it is resolved.


Free Screw Sharpening For ACC Members
Again this year I am extending my offer to sharpen club members’ ice screws for free. This is yet another benefit of having an ACC Membership. Just give me a call 627.9583 and we can arrange a time for you to drop them off. They should be ready in a day or 2 depending on how many and the shape they are in.
As a reminder, I am running a sharpening clinic at my home. See events calendar.  Sign up on-line or give me a call.

Section Chair to Step Down
Joining the ACC has without a doubt been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Early on, I joined because I wanted to learn to climb, and in my limited experience in a then-small climbing community in Thunder Bay, the Club members, trip leaders and Executive members were held in very high regard.  It therefore seemed like a great idea to learn to climb in a manner that was to me “the right way”, safely and with a strong ethic.

In my first couple of years, it became evident that my first impressions were correct and I got more out of my membership than I could have ever expected when I first joined.  I progressed faster as a climber than I thought I would, and I met several like-minded people who became climbing partners and eventually my closest friends.  To have got so much out of the opportunity to be a member blew my mind, and I quickly realized I would never be able to directly repay those trip leaders who saw to it that I didn’t get killed early on and eventually had the skills to lead trips of my own.  It became apparent that I owed an enormous debt of gratitude to the club and those who came before me, and while I could not repay them directly as many had moved on, I most certainly could contribute and try to do the same for new and existing members.

During that time, I saw many things I wanted to see changed or be more involved with, and when the Section Chair invited me to an Exec meeting, I saw that getting even more involved with the Club would definitely be one way to give more back.  When the opportunity arose, I ran for and was elected for the position of Chair.  I have given this position a real serious effort over the past ten years (or however long it’s been), and have grown a great deal personally as a result.

It has been my distinct pleasure to work with an absolutely fantastic group of volunteer trip leaders and executive members over the past few years.  I am extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish as a Section.  We have had several high-angle rescue courses with outside expertise (something that began long before my tenure); we have formalized our trip leader training and introduced regular trip-leader’s workshops; we have recruited a few precious new trip leaders (and unfortunately seen many good ones move on, though they did contribute for a time); we had our first formal Leadership Seminar; we have a high proportion of our regular trip leaders with a more advanced level of wilderness first aid training; we had our first-ever Section mountaineering camps in the Canadian Rockies; we had several great Invitational Ice Weekends; we have one of the most rigorous equipment maintenance and inspection policies among all of the Sections; we’ve created all sorts of special opportunities for our membership; we have an awesome website with features that have caught the attention of other Sections; we have introduced numerous new climbers to the sport in a safe and ethical manner; we have created opportunities for leadership training in line with other Sections’ offerings; we do a better job of recognizing our volunteers’ contributions; I could go on about this all day.  Even more importantly, we’ve gotten a lot of great climbing in along the way.  None of it would have been possible without our volunteers’ energy and contributions, and those of the Executive members in particular, and none of it is due solely to my efforts at the helm.  I’m proud to have been associated with it all though.

I’m even more proud that these accomplishments were within the framework of a larger, National organization that is over a hundred years old.

Being the Section Chair is a position that I have taken very seriously, and have done my best to do the job well.  Doing this job well, at least in my view, does require a significant personal investment, and at the present time, I am not able to continue making the personal commitment needed to do the job as well as our membership deserves.  Accordingly, I am stepping down from my position to enable the Executive to seek out a new Chair.  Our members can rest assured that their Section is good hands with the remaining Executive members, as it always has been.  It is my intention to remain available to the Section as a trip leader and for any other special projects or undertakings for which the Executive requires my assistance.

It has long been my hope to mentor someone into my role so that there would be a seamless transition in the running of the Club, but I have yet to find the right person.  When I became involved with the Club, this position was filled by a succession of students, as I was when I became Chair.  Personally, I would like to see that continue and point out that this is a great opportunity for any student member to get involved with the Club.  It is also a great resume builder – you will learn more about leadership in a volunteer organization such as this than you can imagine, and you’ll find most of the skills are directly transferable to other aspects of your life and career.  Anyone interested (student or not) should contact the Executive, and remember they will never be alone in the role – the Executive we have is supportive and will be happy to help mentor any potential candidate, as I would myself.  I also encourage all of our members to take an active role in shaping their Section by attending the AGM/election meeting next September.

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all of our membership for their initial faith in electing me to the position, and their continued support in keeping me there for so long.  The opportunity to serve you is one in which I’ve grown immensely and taken great pleasure in doing.  I wish the club the best of luck moving forward and I look forward to continue being a proud member and volunteer in our Section.  It has been a privilege to be so heavily involved with an organization as great as the Alpine Club of Canada.

"Experience through knowledge and opportunity".  Sic itur ad astra indeed!

Thank you all and happy climbing,

Nick Buda
December 2010 

ACC TBay Helps Out With Commercial Shoot
"Our mission is to equip filmmakers with the optimal tools to achieve their creative goals." A Thunder Bay company, Cinevate, is gaining world recognition for doing just that! Our section had the pleasure of working with Cinevate's crew on a commercial introducing their new product, the Atlas 10. This full ball bearing linear tracking system is the real star in the commercial - watch for the tracked images in this introductory video
See the full commercial and learn more about their products at 

Bugs Fixed
The latest round of site bugs and web server issues have been resolved. Thank you for your patience while I plow through.

Leadership Development Opportunities
Upcoming Leadership Development Opportunities for TB Section Members

For those section members serious about developing their leadership skills, there are some excellent opportunities available this spring and summer of which you may wish to take advantage.

A reminder to TB Section members - financial support from the Section is available for the bigger courses to qualified Section amateur leaders. Levels of support will be determined by the Executive on a case-by-case basis, and could include up to the full amount of course tuition.

TB Section Leadership Seminar
April 24th (evening), 25th, 26th

This course is a first for our Section, and is an excellent chance to learn about and refine your “soft skills” as a leader in the context of a Club setting. The course will taught by Cyril Shokoples of Rescue Dynamics, a highly-experienced ACMG/IFMGA mountain guide, leadership and rescue instructor and all-round leadership guru. Cyril has been a primary instructor on the The North Face/ACC leadership courses for several years and has taught weekend courses to several other ACC Sections over the years. The goal of the seminar will be to enhance leadership skills of our Section’s outdoor and mountain leaders and trip participants. The seminar will consist of an outdoor evening session on Friday, and then two days (Saturday/Sunday) of classroom learning sessions and workshop style group discussions. We’ll have a wrap-up feast of some sort on the Sunday evening immediately following the seminar conclusion. The general outline of the seminar (subject to minor changes) will be as follows:

  • Introduction and Orientation
  • Basic Legal Issues in Outdoor Recreation
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders
  • Group Development and Group Dynamics
  • Decision Making in Climbing
  • Safety Management
  • Trip Planning Part One - Pre-Trip
  • The Proof Testing Checklist and Route Cards
  • Trip Planning Part Two - The Trip
  • Conflict Management
  • Trip Planning Part Three - Post-Trip
  • Wrap-Up
The seminar is free to TB Section Members - including anyone with an interest in getting involved in leading or assisting with delivering events to our members; though you should let Nick you are coming by either signing up online ( or by phoning or emailing him. Space is limited so don’t procrastinate!

The North Face/Alpine Club of Canada Summer Leadership Course
July 31st - August 7th, 2010
Application Deadline May 1st, 2010
Cost $695+GST

This is the ACC’s premier leadership course and is an excellent opportunity for amateur leaders with a demonstrated commitment to the Club to develop essential leadership skills in the context of one of the Club’s most challenging leadership settings - the General Mountaineering Camp (GMC).

This leadership course is designed for those members who already have considerable climbing and mountaineering experience, and have taken some related courses. The TNF-ACC courses are to provide training for our active sect ion trip leaders, GMC amateur rope leaders and national camp managers. It should be emphasized that this course is not designed to replace local section leadership and training initiatives; rather, it is a fine-tuning for participants and a focused lea rning/sharing program.

The following criteria are used when assessing applications. There is no "order of importance" within the criteria:

  • applicants must submit a complete application, including all requested references and either Section or National endorsement
  • applicants must have the appropriate and adequate technical skills and abilities
  • applicants must be active, contributing members of the ACC, and show a willingness to commit to leading trips once they've taken the course
To apply for this course you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Completed application form – the applicant should send one copy to their Section and one copy to National at
  • Letters of reference from two climbing partners who can attest to their skills - references (including name, relationship, and email address) should send their letters directly to
  • Contact the Section Chair, Nick Buda, to notify him of your interest and seek support for attending the course. You will need full support from the Section Executive to attend the course as a Section participant.
  • Section Executive should send their endorsement of the application directly to . In the case where more than one applicant is applying from a Section, the Section will need to prioritize the applicants from the perspective of the general good of the Section.
Contact Nick Buda, Section Chair, for further information. Additional information is available online here:

Rock Solid Leadership 2010
July 10th - July 16th, 2010
Application Deadline - ASAP
Cost $1200

Rock Solid Leadership (RSL) is a seven day course which addresses technical rock climbing topics while focusing on leadership and addressing soft skills issues. Prior to this course, instruction on some of the topics could only be easily obtained by training to become a professional mountain guide. All of these critical skills have come together in this program specifically for the amateur leader with emphasis on the climbing club setting.

This is not a course about leading hard rock climbs but rather a course to introduce you to leading others on rock climbs of almost any grade. It is a leadership course above all. This course is about leading routes AND leading others who may be perhaps far less experienced than you.

The course will be held in Jasper National Park.

There are a few spots available on this course but they are filling up fast. If interested, phone or email Nick for an information package asap. 

Womens Ice Climbing Canceled
Due to the unusually warn temps the womens' ice climbing event has been canceled. 

Summer Mountaineering Camp
The last-minute organizing for this year's Summer Mountaineering Camp in the Rockies is now complete and we're taking registration for ACC members now.  See the events schedule for details and to register.  The camp will take place on July 17th-23rd, 2010 and will begin and end in Lake Louise.  We'll be based out of the Neil Colgan Hut in the Valley of the Ten Peaks (above Moraine Lake) for the week.  Cost is $300/person.  Email Nick Buda, Section Chair, with any questions. 

Ghost River Acces Approved
After four years of lobbying and negotiations the Climbers Access Society of Alberta (CASA) won a seasonal permit from the Alberta Government for access into the North Ghost.

There are two elements to the access permit.

First, the permit grants access to climbers right now.  As of Jan 15, climbers have interim access to the staging area in front of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (GBU). Please note that for a short time we won’t have vehicle access to cross the river to the Valley of the Birds. The second part of the permit is that CASA has been given permission to build a track from GBU to the Malamute Valley, including a bridge and staging areas.  Once the construction work is done climbers will be able to drive across the river in front of GBU to access Valley of the Birds and other climbs to the south.

CASA is now at work arranging the construction of the track.  We will announce the dates for construction soon, because it will impede access for that weekend.  Similarly, once the construction is completed, we’ll announce the details of access including UTM coordinates of the staging areas and a GPS track log of the route.

In the meantime, we ask climbers to respect the current access restrictions (i.e. do not drive further than GBU).  The permit and our continued access is conditional on our communities’ compliance, and it is expected that Alberta’s Sustainable Resource Development will be monitoring the work we are doing in the Ghost.

The seasonal access is valid until March 31, 2010.  After that date the closure point will revert back to Crossing 38.
If you have any questions feel free to contact CASA directly at:


Members Needed!
This is a call and reminder to all ACC TBay section members that the deadline for signing up for our sections very fun Occasional Invitational Ice Climbing Weekend., is approaching quickly
We need beds, couches,floors, hell If you are a Seinfeld fan, even a large chest of draws will be fine. We need to house climbers from all across Canada for a weekend. Please call Wes 628-9583 if you can help out with billeting. As well we need to know how many local section members will be attending. Please sign up online and indicate weather or not you will attend the dinner and climbing or just the climbing. I need to book the venue and caterer. Deadline for signup for the dinner will be 27-Jan-2010. 

****READ THIS****
OPP vehicle struck by tractor trailer
A Nipigon OPP officer is released from hospital after the vehicle he was in was hit by a tractor trailer.The officer was on the side of the road for a traffic stop on Highway 11, in the Orient Bay area at 2:15 p.m. on Saturday.
The officer was inside an OPP vehicle with lights flashing when the vehicle was struck from behind by the tractor trailer, police say.
The officer was taken to Nipigon District Memorial Hospital by ambulance and treated for minor injuries. The driver of the tractor trailer was not injured. The OPP vehicle received major damage. The investigation is on going. 

Event Cancelled
The Winter Trip Leaders Workshop scheduled for Sunday December 13, ,2009 has been canceled due to lack of participation. 

The 8th Occasional Invitational Weekend

This is a call to all Thunder Bay Section members to see who would like to be apart of this fun weekend and lend your couch or spare room to some visiting climbers from other ACC sections.  Please contact Wes (627.9583) if you would like to help out.


Welcome to the new and improved ACCTBAY.CA
Welcome to the new site. I am sure I didn't catch all the site bugs so if you find one please post it in the Shout Box or send me a message with the details. In the meanwhile, take your shoes off at the door and stay awhile. If you are not already a Site Member please sign up. it's FREE. You can't full appreciate my hard work until you are a Site Member. 

Event Date Changed
The date for the Duluth Climbing Wall event has been push back a week to the weekend of 21-Nov-2009. 

Do you cycle, walk, run etc. around TBay?
Help shape the future of Active Transportation in our City.

Thunder Bay’s Active Transportation Advisory Committee is looking for new members to help implement Thunder Bay’s Active Transportation Plan.  Our aim is to make Thunder Bay a truly walkable/bikeable city, keeping our residents active, healthy, and safe.  

Our aim is to create new opportunities for residents, and we believe that the community voice should be an integral part of the planning and implementation process.
The Active Transportation Advisory Committee is creating three new sub-committees to implement the City’s Active Transportation Plan:

Policy and By-Law
Partnerships, Education, and Programs (PEP)
Infrastructure Development

For more information about the Committees, go to:

Please direct your request or any questions to:

Adam Krupper, Active Transportation Coordinator
Tel:  (807) 625-2163
Fax: (807) 625-3588 

Ever Upward: A Century of Canadian Alpine Journal
It’s finally here!  The Alpine Club of Canada is proud to introduce Ever Upward:  A Century of Canadian Alpine Journals now available on digital disk.  To all members and subscribers who purchased the DVD in advance: Thank you for your patience, it’s in the mail to you!  Faithful to the energy and enthusiasm of the founders of the club, the Canadian Alpine Journal is continuing its longstanding history of diverse contributors, solid editing and elegant design in bringing you 100 years of Canadian mountaineering history in one convenient disk.  You can learn more about this exciting project and find out how to get your own copy at: 

Fire guts Normandie Hotel

A second historic hotel on the North Shore has been reduced to smouldering rubble.
Nipigon‘s Normandie Hotel, which stood where the Taylor House began as a rest stop for travellers in the 1860s, burned early Saturday morning.
No one was staying at the hotel, which has not yet opened for the summer.
Two homes behind the hotel were also destroyed, along with a vehicle belonging to one of the families made homeless.
No one was injured.
“The potential for things to have gone much, much worse was very strong there,” said Mayor Richard Harvey, who was up before 6 a.m. watching fire crews work to prevent the fire‘s spread. “It‘s a tragedy we lost what we have, but it could have been so much worse.”
By 1 p.m. Saturday, Nipigon volunteer firefighters were back at the fire hall after mopping up the flames and saving several nearby businesses.
Last weekend, the Nipigon firefighters went to the aid of their counterparts in Dorion, where a fire destroyed the Dorion Inn.
It‘s not yet known how the Normandie Hotel fire started, said fire Chief Roy Cross. The fire marshal‘s office has been notified, as have the OPP, which sent an investigator.
An employee of the 24-hour Mac‘s convenience store kitty-corner to the Normandie spotted the fire. Cross and his firefighters were notified just before 5 a.m.
While on his way to the fire hall, Cross noticed the two homes close to the Normandie Hotel were catching fire. Some siding was already ablaze, and hot shingles from the hotel were landing on the houses.
“I pounded on the door, finally got them up and got them out,” said Cross of the two parents, child and two dogs sleeping inside the residence. “They got out and within minutes their house was ablaze too.”
Another firefighter woke the family of four or five people in the next house on fire. Both families are now staying with relatives or friends.
“The whole roof area was totally engulfed in flames,” Cross said of the Normandie Hotel, across a lane from the two houses. “Flames were coming out all the eaves.”
Many of the buildings on Front Street – Nipigon‘s main street – are pushing 90 years old, and they‘re either touching or two feet apart, the fire chief said.
“We could have lost our whole main street on this one,” said Cross. “But my guys did good.”
The wind held, blowing in the right direction to keep from spreading to other buildings, said Harvey.
Nipigon firefighters, aided by other volunteer firefighters from Red Rock and Lake Helen, hosed down nearby businesses on Front Street to prevent the fire from spreading.
Between all three departments, about 30 firefighters were at work.
Cross had a backhoe brought in to knock the Normandie wreckage in on itself to prevent the burning walls from falling onto the nearby businesses.
On Saturday afternoon, four businesses were still without power and gas.
A historic building that has been renovated many times over the years, the Normandie had great potential with its big balcony overlooking Lake Superior, Harvey said.
Firefighters managed to pull a plaque from the rubble that described the building‘s past for the historic walking tour.
“It was certainly one of the buildings I would say had this real character and potential on our Front Street, which of course we‘re right in the middle of our revitalization,” said Harvey.
On Friday, the day before the fire, Nipigon held the grand opening of its new library and municipal offices, a replica of the old CPR building. Work has also already begun on Front Street to replace sidewalk and curbs.
“Then to lose a historic building on our Front Street, obviously a lot of people are sad about this,” Harvey said. 

Bird is the Word
It’s that time of year again where we have to remember to share the crags with our feathered friends.  Peregrine falcons have been back in the area since mid-March and local climbers are once again asked to keep their eyes and ears open while out climbing to ensure they avoid disturbing the nesting birds (which are protected under the provincial Endangered Species Act).
If in doubt, it’s a good idea to change your plans immediately and go elsewhere.
Most recently, falcons have been spotted using the Let’s Be Frank/Cedar Haven area at Squaw Bay. Climbers should avoid that area until late August.  Birds also occasionally nest on the cliffs near Dorion Tower, so be on the lookout there too if you’re in the neighbourhood. 

Everest To Get An Escalator

Climbing Mt. Everest used to involve years of training, thousands of dollars in equipment and plenty of luck. But, come 2012, all it will take is one step. The Chinese government has announced plans to build an escalator up the northeast ridge on the Tibetan side of the world's tallest mountain. It will be the largest project in mountaineering history in terms of funding and manpower with estimates suggesting that it will cost the Chinese $1.5 billion and involve more than 4,500 workers from China, Tibet and Nepal.
At a ceremony on the Rongbuk Glacier, Chinese Minister of Vertical Infrastructure Zhi Huang spoke enthusiastically about what the project meant to both China and Everest. "China will show the world that it can accomplish anything," he said. He added, "our escalator will take people to the top of the world. From there, the sky's the limit."
Not everyone, however, is pleased with the idea of an escalator on Mt. Everest. Roger Bivouac of the Sir Edmund Hillary Society is appalled by the idea. "No mountain should be tamed with a man-made structure," he said at a press conference in Kathmandu. "No mountain is defined by its summit. It's the climb that makes the mountain and the man," he proclaimed to a crowd comprised mostly of mountaineers and sherpas.
Despite protests, the Chinese government plans to break ground on the Everest escalator in July 2009 and complete the project by March 2012. The down escalator is slated for construction in 2014.

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Medical Training for Trip Leaders Reminder
We'd like to remind our trip leaders of the opportunities available to them to get some medical training and ensure a higher-level of preparedness should the unexpected happen while on a club event:

Opportunity #1:
As mentioned during our last Winter Trip Leader's Workshop, our last Rock Climbing/Leadership Workshop, and at various other times, the TB Section is willing to pay the full cost of a Standard First Aid Course (subject to PRIOR approval of the executive), offered through either Red Cross or St. Johns Ambulance, for any volunteer trip leader or other exceptional volunteer that has contributed to Section activities in the past and will commit to continuing to do so in the future.  Our members are reminded of the opportunities to do this type of training through Con College outlined in the spring edition of The Key.  Note that this is a standard year-round offer from the Section.

Opportunity #2:
An opportunity for advanced wilderness medical training is also being offered by Wilderness Medical Associates in a course being organized through the Wilderness Supply Co. this spring.  4-day WAFA (May 2,3,4,5, $475 total) and 8-day WFR (WAFA days + May 7,8,9,10, $800 total) courses are being offered - see the December 2008 edition of Outcrops for an overview.).  This type of training is highly applicable to ACC events and activities.  Any TB Section trip leader who has demonstrated past service to the Section and will commit to doing so in the future may choose to take one of these courses and have their registration fee partially subsidized UP TO an equivalent of the Standard First Aid course tuition or $150 (whichever is higher) for the 4-day course, or maximum $300 for the 8-day course.

Opportunity #3 (invitation only):
Core trip leaders, e.g. those present at more than half of past scheduled events over the last 3 events calendars who have contributed to planning, organizing, leading or otherwise hugely supporting Section events, will be subsidized at higher cost to the section (up to 80% of the full fees ($400 towards the 4-day WAFA, $700 towards the 8-day WFR), in return for a commitment of this same level of service over the next 2 full years.  These individuals have already been contacted directly by the executive to remind them of this opportunity.

Note that the deadline to register for these courses is this weekend.  Section Trip Leaders looking to take advantage of this great opportunity MUST notify Nick Buda, Section Chair, by this weekend (March 28,29) PRIOR TO REGISTERING. 

Rick Mercer Goes Ice Climbing In Thunder Bay
A couple of weeks ago, Rick Mercer and the crew behind the CBC's Rick Mercer Report visited Thunder Bay, Ontario to sample some of the local culture and winter activities.  While in town, Rick sampled Finnish pancakes, experienced a traditional Finnish sauna, and of course attempted his first ice climb with members of the ACC's Thunder Bay Section.  Find out if he was successful when the episode airs on Tuesday, March 3 at 8:00 pm EST.  If you miss the show, you can catch it online afterwards at 

Nipigon Ice Fest Status
Dear Climber:

Due to late breaking circumstances beyond our control, the Nipigon Ice
fest will not be an "official" event this year. This means no clinics,
no evening presenters, no gear swap and such. However, all keen
ice/mixed climbers are still invited to converge on Nipigon the
weekend of February 27, 28, March 1 for an unofficial climbers
gathering. Georgina at the Nipigon Café has been gracious enough to
offer us the back section of her restaurant on Saturday evening so
please stop by around 7ish for an impromptu climbers social.

Rest assured, next year the fest will be back! 

Club Event Date Changed
The Advanced Ice Techniques clinic has been moved from Sat. 17-Jan-2009 to Sun. 18-Jan-2009 because of schedule conflict.  

And The Winner Is...
Andrew Dubinsky
Congratulations Andrew. You beat Frank by 1. That was no easy task! 

New Web Contest

The Thunder Bay Section of The Alpine Club of Canada is proud to announce another web contest. Click HERE for details

You will need to use this website to participate.


Web User Accounts
I am just poking around in the database cleaning stuff up and I noticed there is a ton of Web Users who have NOT validated their email address. What does this mean you ask? Well when you signed up for a Web User Account you had a message on the screen that read.  "An email will be sent to you shortly. The email will contain a link for you to visit in order for us to validate your email address. Validation of your email address is required before you can post in the ice conditions section..."
This is also true for signing up for club events. If you used an email account you no longer use, guess what, your account will not be activated and you won't be able to utilize all the features of the website. If you do not have that confirmation email, then please contact me and I will validate your email address and activate your account.


Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Teaser!
We are pleased to announce that the 2008/2009 Banff Mountain Film Festival world tour intro video can now be found HERE.
Tickets are on sale now at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. Get them while they last. 

Event Date Changed.
Check out the on-line version of the events calendar for the updated dates. 

Tuesday Night Climbing to Resume
Tuesday night climbing at the Scenic Bluffs will resume on Sept 2, from about 4:30 until just before dark. 

New Routes Being Established
More new routes getting put up by local climbers. Check out the New Rock Routes section for more information. 

Not so famous last words.

  1. I don't need a helmet.

  2. Was that "on belay" or "off belay"?

  3. ROCK!

  4. No need for's only 5.11

  5. Did you hear something?

  6. I'm sure it was this way

  7. I'm okay-It's just a little headache.

  8. No reason for that,I know where every crevasse is

  9. I think the rope made it all the way down?

  10. Lets use this rock to rap from, it won't move.

  11. Lets go for the top, we'll get back before it gets dark.

  12. Your on belay... but whatever you do, don't fall!

  13. Can't be any harder than V.Diff, eh?

  14. Looks pretty crap ice from here. Your lead?


Rock Climbing at the Outer Limits Around the World
Canadian Sonny Trotter, a world-class professional rock climber, is currently focused on pushing the limits of what can be climbed in a cleaner style—with  traditional gear. The Alpine Club of Canada is  proud to announce a slideshow by Sonnie presenting his life as a professional climber and a glimpse of rock climbing at the outer limits around the world.

Thursday April 3, 2008
Finlandia Club (above the Hoito)
Doors open 7 p.m
$3 at the door   Cash Bar

Learn How To Sharpen Those Dull Screws
As a service to club members I am going to put on a small demonstration on how to sharpen your dull ice screws.  I will hold this demonstration at my house so there will be limited room (6 participants).  After I am done you won't need to turn your screws in, just throw them like darts and clip.
Call me @ 627-9583 to sign-up.  This is NOT a club event so if my Dremel gets out of hand and cuts your legs off, don't go running to the club! I will host this demonstration on 19-Feb-2008 at 7ish Sharp!

As an added service to club members, If you don't have the equipment to sharpen your own screws give me a call and I will sharpen them for you. For the low low cost of $1,000,000.00 or free, what ever works best for you. Just call and drop them off.  I should have them ready in a day or 2.


Calgary Section Campbell Icefield Trip Openings
Two spots have opened up on the ACC, Calgary Section, Campbell Icefield Chalet trip, fly-in Feb. 16th, fly-out Feb. 23rd, cost $750 ( flight and accommodation). If you are interested or know of a person that would be interested in joining the trip please contact Alan Fortune  at or through the Calgary section Website.
Learn more about the Campbell Icefield Chalet visit: 

Members only SALE at Wilderness Supply Co.
This is a reminder to club members that there is a members only sale at Wilderness Supply Co. on Friday, 1-Feb-2008 after 7pm. Come out and enjoy some pizza and a beverage. 

ACC Grants Deadline Approaching - January 31st
A reminder to our membership that the deadline for ACC grant applications is coming up on January 31st.  
The funds with this deadline include:

  •     The Jen Higgins Memorial Fund

  •     The Jim Colpitts Memorial Fund

  •     Karl Nagy Memorial Award (this year's award will go to an amateur leader)

  •     The Environment Fund

Details about these grants and application forms can be found at: 

Summer Leadership Development Opportunities
While our section continues to work on leadership development opportunities for section members such as our weekend with Rob Chisnall this past fall, I'd like to remind everyone, particularly our more dedicated trip leaders, that there are also EXCELLENT opportunities available to them at the National level. You may be interested in the following:

The North Face Summer Leadership Course

The Marmot Women's Camp

The Rock Solid Leadership Course

In an effort to develop our section's leadership capacity and further the number of diverse trip leaders we have at our disposal (particularly in alpine settings), the Executive has decided to offer financial assistance to course participants from our section that could include as much as the full course fees.  Of course, this support will be for experienced section trip leaders who have a demonstrated record of past service to the section, who will continue to do so in the future, and who have the support of the Executive in their applications.  Successful applicants from the Thunder Bay section in either of the above courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be required to meet certain criteria.  Feel free to talk to executive members for further details or help with applications. 

Site Bugs!
I finally noticed a bug on the home page, after a few weeks. This issue would only happen in Internet Explorer. Since I don't use it, I never noticed the minor image spacing issue. I will try to remember to check the site with multiple browsers from now on, but I could use your help. If you find any other issues with your browser, please contact me and let me know the issue and what browser you are using.
Have a happy new year! Remember, if you are drinking, don't be driving!


Availability on ACC National Winter Camps
It's not too late to join one of the ACC's Winter and/or Global Mountain Adventures. Below is a list of camps that still have availability. If interested please contact the National Office at adventures AT alpineclubofcanada DOT ca.

Rockies Ice with Rob Owens and Sean Isaac
February 23(eve) - 29, 2008
Climb with and learn from the best ice climbing guides, in the the very heart of ice climbing in Canada.
Location - the Canadian Rockies.

Marmot Women's Ski Camp
March 2 - 7, 2008
This unique ski camp provides an opportunity for women to work on winter leadership skills and gain ski mountaineering experience in an "all female" setting.
Location - Wapta Icefield.

Clemenceau to Columbia Traverse
May 9(eve) - 17, 2008
A classic and challenging traverse for the moderate to advanced skier.

High Camp in the Lyells
April 25(eve) - May 3, 2008
The Lyell Icefield is home to 5 peaks over 11,000 feet allowing for plenty of peak-bagging opportunities.

Swiss Ski-fari
February 16 - 24, 2008
There is no experience quite like backcountry skiing in Switzerland for high alpine terrain, summits and glacier ski runs.

Iceland Sail and Ski
April 27 - May 5, 2008
Living aboard a sailboat for the week, we'll sail around the Northwest fjords of Iceland to new locations where we'll spend the days skiing great runs and touring the area.

Mount Logan - the King Trench
May 23 - June 13, 2008
Only ONE spot left on this camp, contact us soon to sign up. 

The 6th Occasional Invitational Weekend

Banff Mountain Film Festival
This years Banff Mountain Film Festival tour will be hitting the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium on Sunday, January 27 at 7:00 PM. Tickets are on sale now. Get them now, they won't last long

Website Issue Resolved
I have discovered a few more issues with the site.

  1. Editing posts. Users can now edit there own posts. Gear/ Ice Conditions Reports/ New Routes

  2. Password retrieval has been fixed.


On-line Event Sign-up Fixed
An issue with the on-line event sign-up was discovered and resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

Climb - 4 - Kids Bouldering Competition

Climb - 4 Kids Bouldering Competition


SARKEN crampons recall
Recent customer experience has shown that the front points of SARKEN crampons are susceptible to premature wearout following heavy use. This means cracking of the metal forefoot near the front point(s), followed by possible breakage if usage continues.
Petzl has stopped sales and production of these crampons and is recalling all SARKEN crampon models because we feel that the potential lifetime of the crampons should be longer than user experience has demonstrated.
Read more 

Update Your Profile
We are encouraging all section members to either update your profile or sign up for a new web user account and choose the option to read the paperless newsletter online. As an environmentally conscious section we would like to reduce the amount of paper we consume and eventually throw away. So lets all do our part and choose a 'paperless' newsletter. You can do so HERE

Wes Bender
Web Director 

Found Lost Gear @ Bluffs
I found one Merrell shoe at the bottom of Richard's crack at the Bluff's. It is size 12



Camp Quality Volunteers Needed
The kids attending Camp Quality need your help for a few hours of coaching and belaying on Thursday afternoon, August 16. If you can help these youngsters (from age 5 to 15+) forget the medical challenges they face while challenging the climbing wall at the Nor West Outdoor Centre, you will be rewarded with happy cheers from a great group of kids. Call Ruth Chapman to see how you can help out, 475-8346. 

New Website Feature Added!
All TBay section members can now signup for club events on-line. Simply choose the event(s) you want to participate in and click the button to sign up for the event. Enter your phone number so the event coordinator can call you with the status of the event and your done.


MEC members trip insurance.
In my internet travels I stumbled upon this information, which I had no idea even existed. As a member of MEC we are entitled to FREE 2 day trip insurance which covers, believe it or not, climbing. Click HERE for more information.


ACC Members Only Sale at The Wilderness Supply Co.
You are invited to attend a HUGE clothing sale, for ACC members only, at The Wilderness Supply Store this Tuesday evening, February 20th. The sale starts at 7 pm. Come and enjoy some coffee, boulder a bit and scoop some great savings! 

Beginner Clinic re-scheduled
The beginners clinic has been re-scheduled for 18-Feb-2007 instead of 25-Feb-2007
Check the events calendar for details. 

Exploring the Genyen Massif

Come to Lakehead University RC 1002 at 7:30 PM 9-Feb-2007 and join ORPT Lakehead University graduate Sarah Hueniken as she shows us her slideshow from Tibet.
$3 at the door.
Explore the Genyen Massif


EVEREST with Thunder Bay's Bryce Brown

Come to the Valhalla Inn on February 25th 2007 to watch a free Everest slide show put on by Thunder Bay section member Bryce Brown.
Reception starts at 7pm, slide show at 8pm.
EVEREST with Thunder Bay's Bryce Brown


Invitational Weekend Cancelled
Due to very poor local ice conditions this season, The Thunder Bay Section has to unfortunately cancel its Invitational Weekend event. This doesnt mean climbers from other sections should not come to our region for some enjoyable ice climbing. There is plenty of climbable ice in Orient Bay. There just wont be the fun gathering in the evenings or the group gathering at a local climbing venue. You would be climbing on your own or with pre-arranged partners. 

Photo Gallery
This is a call to all members to share your photos. Shoot something interesting, please share it with the rest of the site users. I, for one, like to view others photos. 


Wilderness Supply Co. and LUSU presents Climb-A-Palooza at the LU climbing wall.
Competition Details


People are still making very poor decisions when it comes to parking in the Orient Bay corridor. The group that climbed AmyR on 9-Dec-2006 parked right below the climb, on a hill, on a corner. Come on people, lets use our heads. All it takes is one stupid accident and then all of a sudden the rest of the climbing community suffers, not to mention the people involved in the accident. It took 3 minutes for us to walk from the Ice Palace parking area (straight stretch before Amy R) to get to Amy R. At least who ever parked below Amy R was well off the road. Lets be pro-active this year and get our vehicles off the road, bring a shovel and dig in, if thats what it takes.
For those of you who are new to the area, there is an issue with parking in the Orient Bay corridor. This issue seemed to quiet down last year; however, plow operators were calling the police, which in turn resulted in an officer getting out their bullhorn and yelling at people to move their vehicles. It is understood that during a snowfall we are to have our vehicles off the road completely. This forces us to climb in areas that have some type of pull off for parking, which doesn't mean drive ways, so we have to walk a longer distance to a climb, I agree, this sucks! At present there is only one home owner who allows parking, below Tempest. I am sure that I sound like a big meany ranting at people; but, until poor parking decisions stop I will keep yapping and I am sure so will others who are passionate about keeping Orient Bay a hassle free climbing resource.

Wes Bender 

Boxing Day Sale at Wilderness Supply Co.

There will be a boxing day sale at Wilderness Supply Co. See the attached flyers for details on the deals. MEC makes too much money so this year lets support our local gear shops.
Climbing Equipment Sale
Paddling Equipment Sale


Microsoft Strikes Again!
An error was discovered with Internet Explorer when tring to include photos with your conditions/new route reports or submitting to the gallery. This application worked fine with non Microsoft browsers. I isolated the problem and hopfully fixed it. Any further issues please don't hesitate to contact me via the contact page.

ACCTBay Web Director
Wes Bender 

Thanks For The Great Night!
I am sure I speak for everyone, who attended the movie/roast/slide show night at Brian and Tara's place on Saturday evening, when I say Thank you very much for your fantastic hospitality. It is very generous of you to open up your home to us for an evening of fun. Pretty soon this event will out grow the current venue but we won't forget where it started. Thank you very much!
On a side note, Thank you to ALL the presenters. It is nice to see more and
more people interested in sharing their adventures with the section members.
The bar has risen yet again.
For those of you who missed it, here is a list of what you missed...
  • Derrik Patola presented a collection of photographs from his climbing expidition to Greenland
  • Jenn Chikoski presented her photographs, set to music, from the ALL women trip to the Bugaboos
  • Nick Buda put together a short film on local climbing
  • Natasha Allard presented a collection of photographs from her trip over seas. Too many destinations to list
  • Reid Carter presented a collection of photographs, set to music, of His and Gloria's first alpine climb together up Mt.Athabasca.
  • Gene Filanovsky presented a collection of photographs, set to music, from his trip to the rockies.
  • Linsay Riggin presented a collection of photographs, set to music, from her trip to Yoho Park
  • Brian Bottan presented a collection of photographs from a halloween party they held a few weeks back. I am working on getting this one posted to the club site. A definate must see. As well Brian put together a short motivational film directed at the ice climbers.
  • Wes Bender presented a film He and Brian put together in keeping with their tradtion of 'Roasting' someone, where this time they showed that they can not only dish it out but they can take it too. Wes was roasted in a 8 minutes Rocky spoof.
  • We ended the evening with some highlights from last springs Movie night where 'The Chump' made his debut appearence. No movie night, from now on, is complete without words from 'The Chump'.

New Website feature Added!
After seeing the amount of gear for sale at tonights Ice Review meeting I figured it would be a good idea to add a new application to the site. We now have a new Gear Swap section. If you have un-used gear that you would like to sell/trade or just give away then feel free to post it HERE.
There is no set time limit for the duration of your post. I will remove posts if I feel they have been up too long and have become stale. As well If your item is sold please come back and delete your post. You must be a registered user to utilize this application. 

New Rock Route Goes Up in Lost Falls
A new posting was made by Alex Joseph about a new 3 pitch 5.8 TRAD route that went up in Lost Falls. It sounds like a cool route and if this weather stays warm, there may be a window of opportunity to get out there and give it a go.
Thanks Alex! 

Welcome to the new and improved ACCTBAY.CA
It has been a ton of work but we are finally finished. Please have a look around. We have implemented a NEW conditions report section.
In order to prevent SPAM and other malicious posting we had to to implement a login procedure. Which it turn requires everyone, interested in posting information to our website, to have an account set up. Click here to setup an account now so you are ready the next time you visit out site and would like to post information. 


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