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Thats It! (Everywhere)
Submitted by:Wes Bender
Climbed on:19-Mar-2012
Report:This brings to an end, another ice season. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable season. In the wake of what turned out to be one of the poorest ice years in recent  years, I still managed to enjoy what ice we did have.  From what I have noticed, people are starting to "get it", when it comes to parking in OB. Thanks for that.
To my knowledge, there were no climbing related injuries this year, in our area. That is fantastic. While the rock climbers squeeze in to their sticky shoes, I'll be waist deep in a river somewhere. Enjoy your spring/summer/autumn. See you next winter.


Obsession (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Rick Love
Climbed on:3/1012
Report:Climbed Obsession on Saturday! Was wet, but really good conditions. Climbed Tears of Joy as well, not wet, but I bet it is now. Great spring conditions.

Powerline Falls (Kama Bay)
Submitted by:Terry Prodanyk
Climbed on:Mar 3, 2012
Report:I'm surprised there isn't a bunch of updates after the Nipigon IceFest here? What a COLD, WINDY day.
Four of us non-Festers went into Powerline to try and stay out of the wind on Saturday and it worked!
The left falls is really getting sun-baked. Good pro is getting more difficult to set. The right falls has a column of WI5 that is still forming well and fun to climb though the majority of that side is also showing signs of significant 'sun-bakeage'.

getting oriented (kama)
Submitted by:kyle brooks
Climbed on:25 feb
Report:getting oriented in good shape .   good pro still.  steep start to fun finish climbing at it grade    trail packed..   fun

Gomar Falls (Orient Bay Corridor)
Submitted by:Terry Prodanyk
Climbed on:Feb 18, 2012
Report:If I ever leave my snowshoes in the truck going into this climb again, SOMEBODY KICK ME!! OMG, I couldn't believe how much more snow was there compared to in town. After 45min of plowing through the snow we finally arrived, sweating like rented mules, at the base of the climb. Then it took another 15 min to pack down the snow (by those smart enough to bring their snowshoes) around the base area so we could walk around. See Jeff above trying to approach the base :)
Eight of us enjoyed a gorgeous 'consolation' day and some fun climbing at the Falls though.  We were even joined by a fellow ACC member from Burlington (Stephanie) who was passing through to Banff via the Winnipeg Ice Festival.
We didn't bother doing the 2nd pitch; it was mostly snow covered on those lower angles and a significant amount of shell ice up there made pursuing the climbing quite pointless.

Artesian Wells (Whitefish Lake)
Submitted by:Wes Bender
Climbed on:18-Feb-2012
Report:I took the dog for a long walk yesterday. I knew that the bottom of the climb had snapped off but I was curiously optimistic that it would have reformed. Nope. In fact the top out looked pretty close to impossible for the walk-around TR. The umbrellas have not finished forming. During the 2009-2010 season this same condition existed out there. But later it did reform a narrow column for the left edge See closeup photo from Jan-2010. It was climbed and super fun. Maybe this will reform again a little later.

Psycho Icycho (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Terry Prodanyk
Climbed on:Feb 12, 2012
Report:Had a great, sun-shiney day on Psycho. Lots of nice, clear-blue ice to climb on the right. Some of the south facing bulges of this climb are showing evidence of sun-rot, but still plenty of good ice to work with. Knocked off a considerable amount of shell-ice that formed over a previous snow layer on many of the non-vertical slopes. Ice below that was solid.  The path to get in beside the chain fence along the highway is packed down well enough to make the approach quite reasonable. Parking on the highway was also no problem with the snow banks being pushed back far enough to be well off the white line.

Grandy Mardy (Kama Bay)
Submitted by:Wes Bender
Climbed on:12-Feb-2012
Report:Peter and I went into Grandy Mardy yesterday. The climb has filled in a lot compared to the last photo update. Sadly I did not take any condition photos. The lower angle ramp on the right of the main climb was pouring water, so that line is only going to get bigger. Some of the best quality ice I have climbed this years. in terms of solidity.

Icebreakers/Thermocules (Kama)
Submitted by:Bryce Brown
Climbed on:28-Jan-12
Report:Nick and I headed up to Icebreakers area with big plans. Im not sure anyone has been up there yet this year, but of course today we get scooped! Dave's truck was already there. After following the fresh snowshoe trail we were no longer took them 2 hours to break trail and us about 30 min to follow it! Thanks boys! Icebreakers was typically steep at the bottom. Cold temps and frozen fingers/toes limited our enthusiasm. Then we dug and climbed our way up Thermocules. It literally required excavating a tunnel through the snow until I hit ice, then tunnelling up through the snow while climbing. Prob a good 10-15' of snow at the base of the climb. Wild.

Ice Palace (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Wes Bender
Climbed on:28-Jan-2012
Report:Fred and I went into the Ice Palace on Saturday. We found next to no change in over a month. We climbed Ranxerox Tangent. I found the gear to be good enough to keep moving forward. Size ranged from 13's and up. No noticable change on this route in over a month. Next was Remember the Day. Very little change on this as well. Pretty hooked out but good gear is pretty easy to find.
Over to Eviel Des Sans. Fred was able to find good gear on this. This climb hasn't grown at all but has welded together a little better.
10% Real top has deteriorated quite a a bit. Dave and I got on it during the holidays and it was burrly then. I didn't want to find out what kind of horror show it would have been in present condition.

High Fidelity still looks sketchy up top.

We decided to cruise up Hully Gully before heading for home. This suckers is as FAT as I have ever seen it. Water still flowing as well. Snow through the middle wasn't too bad.

The rest of the corridor is showing the effects of the sun. I am sure we'll see a come back before the end of the season.

General (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Wes Bender
Climbed on:15-Jan-2012
Report:It has been a little while since someone posted anything about OB. That's because there isn't much change. There is not alot of water flowing on most routes with the exception of a few. Hully Gully is one of the exceptions. It is as big as I have even seen. Lots of water flowing and the ice is growing daily. The left side of Cascade, Obsession, Tempest, Compulsion, and Tears Of Joy all seem to be in a perpetual state of growth as well. I have not been into the Ice Palace in a bit, but I suspect not a lot of change. Reflection Wall and Parallax have not changed in 2 weeks. Both could probably be climbed by a very bold climber but I suspect the gear on RW would be dubious at best. Starquake and Andromeda have not changed since mid Dec. with the former being un-protectable in present condition.

Getting Oriented (Kama Bay)
Submitted by:Wes Bender
Climbed on:15-Jan-2012
Report:Hiked up to Getting Oriented Area today to have a go at Getting Oriented and The Siege. Getting Oriented was pretty text book. Steep down low with great gear. The right exit looked easier. I probably should have gone that way, but the left exit looked more fun. It was a tad spicy. Follow the blood trail to the anchor.

The Siege was fantastic. Very thin and much harder than it's grade suggests. The gear was adequate down low but got better as you went higher. super cool climbing.

No water on either at present.

6 to 8 inches of snow, under the canopy, in Kama so the approach is fine.

Powerline Falls (Kama Bay)
Submitted by:Kevin Shorthouse
Climbed on:January 7 2012
Report:The three climbs at Powerline Falls haven't changed much since the last report. We led up the left line which had moderate gear. I suggest bringing longer screws due to airy patches in the ice. TR'd the middle and right climbs. Middle climb would be a tough lead but the ice seems solid enough to take screws. Right line is mostly chandelier with lots of air pockets. Very sketchy conditions for good screw placements.

Grandy Mardy Falls (Kama Bay)
Submitted by:Terry Prodanyk
Climbed on:Jan 6, 2012
Report:Beautiful Spring Day in Kama today....but it's January! Temps hovered around -5C, with no winds where we were. Lots of (up to knee-deep) untouched powder on the river getting into GMF. Not sure if anyone has even been in there yet this year. I was concerned by the dry river bed near the road, how conditions would be once we got in. By the time we hit the first major falls on the river my hopes dramatically increased. Running water easily heard behind the ice. You could tell the ice levels were down but still more than enough to have fun and it took 16mm screws no problem. By the time we hit the second falls, our hopes were steadily increasing with the 'fat-ness' we encountered. We hiked around the third waterfall to save time but it was also a very climbable (although narrow) line.
Once Will, Monica & I got to the main falls, all our hopes were realized; GMF is in good condition by this year's standards! Leading the main left falls up with 13 & 16mm screws was no problem. Could have easily used 19's or even 22's. Still a fair amount of water running behind the ice.
I'm not sure it's a WI3 right now. If so, it's a real stiff one. I'd say more of a 3+/4-.
Can't wait to go back!
Thanks Brian and Frank for recommending that climb. 
Didn't even forget any tools at the top today :)

Andromeda Weeps and Obsession (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:oman norquay
Climbed on:Jan 6
Report:High temp in OB was -5 so much colder that thunder bay today. Andromeda has grown a bit over the past month but was still thin for the last 15m. Obsession was pretty wet and had good sticks and pro the whole way.

Orient Bay - moderates (Nipigon)
Submitted by:Nick Buda
Climbed on:Last week of December, 20
Report:The few times I was able to get out I mostly climbed routes already reported on. Not much has changed. Did get shots of a few of the other OB classics on my travels - photos attached: Cascade, Gomar and Less Than Zero Gully. LTZG I actually climbed, and found the start to be a handful for the grade. What ice is there is crud for gear - a smart leader will take a green camalot and be happier pulling the chockstone instead of leaving it in the pack like I did. Cruiser fun ice climbing after that. No real top anchor so we rapped of a thread. What a season...yeesh. Cascade - right side is fun, ice features on the left side are usual early season junk. Gomar itself looks pretty good if not as wide as normal but with higher quality ice than normal, White Plague et al are barely there. No real change on any other routes in the corridor.

Ice Breakers-Getting Oriented (Kama Bay)
Submitted by:Brian Bottan
Climbed on:December 31, 2011

It doesn't look like anyone has been into either of these climbs yet this season but they appear to be in.  As well,  it doesn't look like anyone has ventured into Grandy Mardy Falls either. 

Powerline Falls (Kama Bay)
Submitted by:Brian Bottan
Climbed on:December 31, 2011
Report:Here's some updated pictures of Powerline Falls.  The area must have missed that last dump of snow because the trail in was beautiful and the river up to PF only had about 3-4 inches of snow on it.  The hike up the river is fun if you aren't in a rush.  We climbed the left line to setup a TR.  The ice was airy thus the gear was so-so.  Another couple had a TR on the first pillar on the middle section.  Water was dripping from that line as well as the far left line of that wall.  The furthest climb to the right  was hardly'll see in the pictures.  I'll also attach pictures of the Getting Oriented area and Ice Breakers.

General (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Wes Bender
Climbed on:27/28-Dec-2011
Report:Spent a few day climbing in OB this week. Some changes happening. First off this cold snap may have broke loose the tap on Reflection Wall. It is now touching down but still very thin. Water still flowing on Obsession as of the 28th. The climb has welded together since the 24th and climbs very well. Same story with compulsion. Water has stopped flowing.

You are going to need a shovel when parking on the side of the highway now. Please dig in as far as you can. Making sure your tires are as far away from the white line as possible. Corners and hills are not good spots to park or turn around. Please do not park in any driveway unless you have obtained permission.

White Lightning (The Bowl area)
Submitted by:Frank Pianka
Climbed on:December 29
Report:No real change for White Lightning. See December 10th report. Sad.

Obsession & Compulsion (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Wes Bender
Climbed on:24-Dec-2011
Report:I was feeling Obsessive and Compulsive today plus I was sans partner so I grabbed my rope soloing rig and headed for Orient Bay.
There has been some bad JU JU associated with Obsession for the past couple years. Too many people whipping off the top of it. So I figured it was time to go and exorcize the demons.
The climb is in pretty typical shape, which is a bonus given the lack of water/ice in the whole of the OB corridor. I would say pretty cruiser for the grade. The gear was great for the most part. It will eat 22’s pretty much everywhere. There was still water flowing on this climb so It will only get bigger once the cold temp show up again.

Off to Compulsion. It was also in pretty typical shape. A tad lacy through the crux, as per usual, but the gear was good. I would say true to the grade. This would also take 22’s pretty much everywhere. There was still a bit of water dripping on this climb as well. Some wading pools above the crux column to watch out for.

Over all, there is not much else changing in OB other than a tad more snow. Close 1 foot now. What ever ice is building, is building at a slow rate and my youngish eyes did not notice a difference.

Merry Christmas everyone.

High Falls (Pigeon River)
Submitted by:Nick Buda
Climbed on:December 23rd, 2011
Report:Out for an afternoon hike with the dog today, and since we were in the neighbourhood, a conditions photo. Weren't there to climb it, and would not have done so even if we had gear. Can't say I'd recommend it in it's present shape, even with a solid top belay. What looks like solid ice in the photo is thin with massive amounts of water moving behind it and large stuff crashing down. Tapping up the right edge, as most do, would be a gamble with that detached tube for now. Best left for a while I'd say!

Ice Palace (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Nick Buda
Climbed on:December 18th, 2011
Report:Back in the Ice Palace for a big "social day". Overall conditions in the corridor have not improved much. Some climbs seem bigger, others thinner. The Ice Palace classics are about the same to slightly fatter (if fat is a word you can use this year). All have been climbed a few times this season. Wes was able to lead us to the top of Ranxerox via the longer (and I think nicer) left-hand exit, thankfully the shower was turned off, though the climb hadn't changed much in appearance. Protects better than it looks. Bryce found RTD a bit fatter and drier too. Evil Des Sens is probably in the best overall shape and has seen plenty of traffic. The mixed rigs are a different story. Stopped half way up Off the Couch, in it's current shape a couple lost arrow pins and #3 and #4 Camalots would be a good idea (we had neither), but it will go just fine. The upper ice was noticeably fatter and dripping, so perhaps it will improve with another week or two. There is next to no ice on Adrenaline Solution, but there is a bit, which is more than before. Learning to Swim is a rock climb for now. The top of High Fidelity is still a bit patchy though the rest of the route has filled in nicely. The rest of the routes are a crap shoot, most looking detached or not there. And Reflection Wall is still not even close, and no ice on it's mixed neighbours either.

Bramble Jelly (Memory Rd. Area)
Submitted by:Wes Bender
Climbed on:17-Dec-2011
Report:I took a drive out to the border today. As I drove past Memory Rd. area I notice a very thin ribbon of ice on Bramble Jelly. The other climbs are bone dry. Next to no ice on any of the cliffs out that direction.

Powerline Falls (Kama Bay)
Submitted by:Matt Houston
Climbed on:Dec 15
Report:Powerline Falls had a tone of water pouring over it and we got soaked! All lines are currently steep and technical. We did a few laps on the furthest left climb and called it a day. With the warm temps yesterday, it seemed like the other routes might fall down if they were climbed. With the current freezing temps there's likely to be some very cool features on the routes this weekend.

Pocomotion, River of Frozen Dreams and Superior Ic (Ice Station Superior)
Submitted by:Matt Houston
Climbed on:Dec 27

An awesome day on the lake!!

Ice station is much thinner than it was at this time last year. Inferior Ice Fall only had a few icicles on the first pitch and looks like it will be quite awhile before it forms. Pocomotion and Superior Icefall both took good screws and are forming up nicely. The River of Frozen Dreams was very enjoyable with no snow. Ice is pretty thick on the climb, but not much has formed on the sides of the cliffs that line the "river". The river was definitely thin in parts, so choose your path wisely! We were able to stay dry on top of the ice, so the route is good to go.

Note: We used all the webbing and quick-links that we had, but many of the rap stations are still in rough shape. So if you're heading out, consider bringing some extra rap station material!




Mellow Yellow, Hully Gully, Tempest, Ice Invaders, (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Matt Houston
Climbed on:Dec 10

Hully Gully, Tempest and Ice Invaders are thick and offer good gear. Mellow Yellow is still pretty thin, but good screws can be found throughout. Compulsion still had a crux pillar in the middle, but seems to be a little fatter then when Wes was on it.

Ice Palace (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Nick Buda
Climbed on:December 11th, 2011
Report:Not much time today but still went far as nothing else to do locally. Climbs slowly growing in the corridor, but some actually looked worse. Reflection Wall is still not even close (boohoo). Walking in the Ice Palace, things did not look good, the top of High Fidelity looked even thinner, and there is now half the snow in the valley. Evil Des Sens however looked great so we started there, classic (if brittle) conditions and good pro throughout, save for the initial pillar which is a bit airy (as usual). Cranked a few laps on 10% Real after, easily double fat from last week. The topout is the definite crux, bring a small cam to protect the last move into the exit chimney, otherwise standard WI5 climbing. More technical than hard, good fun. All we had time for, I suspect the other climbs around the corner will also be much fatter now. Of note were large delaminated veneers of ice on the climbs that were falling throughout the day, some quite large, would hate to be climbing under one of them when it let go. Heads up if it stays warm this week. Saw two other cars at Hully Gully on the way out, and heard but did not see others walking the north loop.

Hully Gully (Orient Bay Corridor)
Submitted by:Terry Prodanyk
Climbed on:Dec 11, 2011
Report:Getting fatter!
Lots of 'rain' on this climb. Especially on the first pitch.
Very 'plastic' along the lower slopes.
Took 16cm screws anywhere I wanted. Easy to protect.
Great day of climbing!

White Lightning (The Bowl)
Submitted by:Nick Buda
Climbed on:December 10th, 2011
Report:Conditions as for Oman's report, just thought I'd a photo. Generally pretty dismal conditions in the rest of the area.

White Lightning (Mt. McKay)
Submitted by:oman norquay
Climbed on:Dec 7, 2011
Report:Warm afternoon in town yesterday, -2 sunny with light west wind. What seems to be the usual thin early season section just before the mid-way point proved to be a crux. It might take a 13cm screw to protect about a 5m section of less than ideal ice. Above and below that spot had water running over plenty of solid ice. Both mid-pitch bolted stations are in rough shape.

Tempest (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Jonathan Hollway
Climbed on:Dec. 6th
Report:Found a screw at the bottom of tempest yesterday, if you are missing it give me a shout and I would be happy to get it back to you 506 645 8554 or

Aqua Blue and Tears of Joy (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Frederic Giroux
Climbed on:December 6, 2011
Report:Oman and I made our way over to Orient Bay this morning. We started off the day on Aqua Blue. This route was well formed and took good screws the entire way. Due to its North facing aspect, it was very brittle. Our next objective was Tears of joy. The first pitch was quite steep, and the ice was less then ideal. The second pitch was very wet, but it had nice plastic ice. This route should continue forming quite nicely. Beautiful day in the corridor!


Compulsion (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Nick Buda
Climbed on:December 4th, 2011
Report:Here's a couple pics of a c-c-c-cold Compulsion to go with the pics below, bottom half and Wes on the crux, courtesy of Brian.

Various (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Nick Buda
Climbed on:December 3rd and 4th, 201
Report:Definitely don't recommend trying to climb locally around TB anytime soon, hence we (Brian, Wes, Oman and I) concentrated on OB this weekend. In general, things are about 2-3 weeks behind normal in the corridor, but there are a fair amount of options now. Warm there yesterday, +5C by lunchtime. About 10 degrees colder today with some good wind chill in the shade. At least one other party there yesterday and today.

We climbed in the Ice Palace both days this weekend, but found most climbs to be handful or not quite ready to climb, mixed or otherwise. Evil Des Sens is missing the middle tier, the shlice that is there will not hold body weight. 10% Real should go as far as the fixed pins, but we left that for another week knowing that the shlice at the top would likely be better next weekend and the climb should fill in, still going to be a thin year on that one. Remember the Day is the best shape of the bunch, and climbs really plastic (both days), and offers quality steeper variations at the top for those interested. Ranxerox would only work about half way, the steep right hand exit is gushing water and the shlice won't hold body weight (god knows we tried anyway, but just succeeded in getting real wet). The left hand finish was slowly filling in but a thin icicle in the mid section was delaminated and broke under stress. Another week should work wonders there too. High Fidelity is mostly there but the top looks nasty (thin, lots of loose blocks). Don't Panic is trying hard to form too.

Andromeda Weeps is a total gimmee right now, barely climbing at WI3 and on good plastic ice. Starquake is well on it's way to forming, a while yet though, ditto for Tears of Joy and Psycho (both look very wet). Compulsion is a handful for the grade, quite wet with a very technical/fragile crux today. Tempest area looks good to go as well. Obsession was mostly there but looked wet and with holes. Cascade was formed but looked to have lots of dangerous spots with the water moving behind and hollow tubes. Glace Eclatante and Snowflakes Westwind both look wet and patchy, the warm sun not helping either of them for now. Looked like a party was in there yesterday. Hully Gully and Mellow Yellow both looked a lot better than last weekend. Parallax is creeping in too, but I'd bet it will likely remain a mixed line this year. Aqua Blue also looked good from far but...

Can only get better as the days are still getting shorter right? Gore-tex and waterproof/extra gloves are a very good idea if you're looking at doing intermediate/steeper climbs right now. Thanks for a great weekend guys!

Mt McKay - South Side (Thunder Bay)
Submitted by:Terry Prodanyk
Climbed on:recon only
Report:Took a hike into the south side of Mt McKay today (Sunday Dec 4) hoping to find some ice. Didn't happen.
Dry as can be. I took some pictures but not really worth posting. Too depressing.

NA (Fantasy Land?)
Submitted by:Frank Pianka
Climbed on:Soon?
Report:If conditions don't improve we may have to be resourceful. e.g.

Studs Ahoy & Alpine Outing (Squaw Bay)
Submitted by:Frederic Giroux
Climbed on:December 2, 2011
Report:A group of us went out to chek Squaw  Bay. We were hopeful there would be ice, but looks like someone turned off the tap. There wasn't even a sliver of ice on either climb. Not even a hint of moisture! If it wasn't for the snow on the ground and the -15 temperature, rock climbing season would still be going. April Showers also looked bone dry. I'll post pictures tonight.

Rainy Day Women and Wet Ones (Squaw Bay)
Submitted by:oman norquay
Climbed on:Dec 1, 2011
Report:Rainy Day Women for what it is is, is climbable but wouldn't take much gear. With only 5-10cm of snow its a good crampon shake down. There is water flowing both at the top and bottom so id expect that one to be in good shape before long. Wet Ones is bone dry but a fun scramble. Milou might have the first dog ascent of both. Temps fell throughout the day yesterday with a temp of -7 at 3pm and -20 at 10pm. brrr.

Orient Bay (General)
Submitted by:Nick Buda
Climbed on:November 27, 2011
Report:Thanks to Wes and Brian doing the dirty work (figuring out what's in and what's not), Jenn and I went and did the same climbs a day later - what a difference a day makes.  Cold and windy day, and the ice was actively growing while we were climbing.  Screws placed for 15 minutes needed chopping out.  There is also about 4-6" of snow in the corridor now.  Forgot to take pics, Mellow Yellow looked about the same but there was noticeably more ice on Hully Gully.  And plenty of wind...winter is here!  I suspect there will be a lot more options there in a week's time.

Mellow Yellow, Hully Gully (Orient Bay)
Submitted by:Wes Bender
Climbed on:26-Nov-2011
Report:Brian and I headed to OB in hopes of finding a winter wonderland. Instead we found lots of grass and very little ice. We still were able to climb some ice though. The only routes that looked climb able were Mellow Yellow, Hully Gully, Tears of Joy (????), and Tempest.
We jumped on Mellow Yellow first. Climbing was fun but the ice is thin and the gear was crap down low but it got a tad better as I went up. I might as well have left them in my pack for all the good they were doing. There was lots of water flowing on this one.

Next was Hully Gully. Pretty much the same story. Thin ice, lots of water and crap gear.

The rest of the corridor is next to non existent.

Good news is, we still climbed some ice. Woo Hoo!

Ice Stud (The Bowl)
Submitted by:Matt Houston
Climbed on:Nov 19, 2011
Report:While,since there is no shoulder season between rock and ice climbing in Thunder Bay, and since there was snow on the ground, we figured it was time to go ice climbing. Fred, Aric, Kendra and I headed out to check out Ice Stud and the rest of the Bowl. We searched all the way to the top of Ice stud, but no ice was to be found... not even one single icicle!! Ice Stud was very dry, with not even a trace of water running down it.... White Lightning and Curtain Call did have some ice forming at least. Looks to be a little while yet before screws can be used.

Early Season Dry Fooling (OB)
Submitted by:Wes Bender
Climbed on:3-Nov-2011
Report:Some early season dry tooling didn't go as planned. So as a result I have 1 size 11 Vasque M-Finity ice climbing boot for sale. I am not going to need it any more. I am sure the stain will scrub right out.


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