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Click to enlargeThe climbing the midwest is known for: over 200 ice and mixed climbs of every difficulty level, all within a roadside setting, and some up to 140m long. Classic moderates like Tempest, Gomar Falls, and Tears of Joy shouldn't be missed.
Intermediate climbers should try Obsession or Compulsion (both WI4) or some of the easier lines in the Ice Palace Area. Advanced climbers will appreciate a high concentration of hard lines in the Ice Palace Area, as well as the rare classic Parallax, a free-standing pillar. The intimidating Reflection Wall, in every climber's face as they drive north through the corridor, is perhaps the most coveted route in the area.
Mixed climbing is exploding in popularity in this area. Every ice climbing area in OB will have a mixed climb near by. Reflection Wall area has 5 mixed lines from M7 to M8. The Ice Palace has several sport and trad mixed line from M5 to M8. Amy R area has 6 sport and trad mixed line from M6 to M8. The regions hardest mixed line was finally sent in March of 2013. A daunting M10 near the end of the corridor.

The potential for new hard ice and mixed line is still live and well in Orient Bay.


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