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If you: Ice climb, Ski, Snowmobile, Ice fish, Snow shoe, Hike, Winter camp...
You should know about "O.B.E.E.K."

A community project of the Alpine Club of Canada, Thunder Bay Section.
Emergency Equipment Available FREE

The Thunder Bay Section of The Alpine Club of Canada undertook a project to located emergency evacuation equipment in the vicinity of the Orient Bay corridor to expedite the extraction of any injured person. In the event of an emergency, transport of this equipment can begin while waiting for an EMS response. Working within the technical limitations of the rescuers involved, valuable time may be save - the golden hour!

The following equipment is now available for emergency use by anyone needing it:

  • 1 International Stretcher System, yellow jacket little and 4 hoisting straps
  • 1 Ministry of Health spec backboard & 4 quick release straps
  • 1 stiffneck collar, adjustable
  • misc: emergency blankets, padding, tape


This equipment is located at:
Trans Canada Power Pant, adjacent to Compressor Station #75, Highway 11, Box 880 Nipigon P0T 2J0

Plant manager: 807-885-5571
Frank Pianka, Alpine Club of Canada, Thunder Bay Section Rep: 807-577-7950
More Location Details:
16 U 0419963 Datum: NAD 27 Can 5460554 Error +/- 50 m (EPE)

This equipment is available without charge to any person(s) involved in an emergency requiring a full EMS response.

The equipment is available 24 hours a day from the Power Plant. Use the gate phone at the Power Plant parking lot to gain access to the kit, and to initiate a call out for EMS response.
Report any use of the equipment to the section rep (807-577-7950).


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