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Kama Bay

Click to enlargeIf hard work and hard ice are what you're after, look no further. Approaches here can be long when the snow makes it impossible to drive down the access road, but it's worth it. Classics like Getting Oriented (90m, WI4+) are clearly visible from the highway when they're in. In addition, several harder lines up to WI6+ can be found here (try the testpieces like Ice Breakers).
This crag has been the site of an explosion in new route development over the last couple of winters.

The number of routes has tripled, with an emphasis on ground-up traditional mixed climbs. Many of the routes offer fantastic climbing on good gear, and await second ascents. Some of the areas best plums still remain for those with the vision and the talent.
Moderate climbers don't despair, Kama Creek is a fantastic moderate afternoon out involving alternate walking and climbing up progressively harder and longer ice steps up to WI3, and is a great place to take beginners to get them hooked on ice climbing.


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